When I am not selling real estate I am enjoying the good life.  I realized after traveling to the world’s greatest wine regions, I wanted to share it.  It has always been my dream to give people access to the type of experiences I’ve had.  I have found that with wine experiences, people just don’t know where to go or how to do it.  I lived in wine country for many years, studied wine professionally and earned one of the world’s top credentials, the Diploma of Wine & Spirits. Throughout my decades of travel I made a point to not only vacation but immerse myself in learning about wine, talking to winemakers, and experts around the world.  From France to Argentina there is so much to learn, and it can enrich your travel experience so much.  If you’re interested in travel and experiences, connect with me on Grand Cru Voyage, where you will see what the opportunities are to travel and learn about wine and food.  

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