Each month I host a Zoom call for investors where we discuss a different topic.  I have guest experts joining me to explain everything you need to know about real estate investing in today's market.  We cover long and short term rentals, rental management, fixers and flips and how to fund your deals.

September 20 Zoom Call: 1031 Exchange

Join our Build Wealth Through Real Estate Zoom call to learn more about the 1031 Exchange. Reinvest the money you would normally pay on capital gains tax into your next property. Sell and buy a new like or better property. Legally defer your taxes. In this session, 1031 expert John King from First American Exchange covers:

* What is a 1031 Exchange?
* How investors use this
* What you need to know BEFORE you sell your first property
* Common misperceptions and mistakes
* How it works

August 23 Zoom Call: Short Term Rentals

Michael Kluger of LUX St Augustine Vacation Rentals joined our call to talk about how to SUPERCHARGE your short term rental. We cover:

* STR market overview, what we are seeing in 2023
* Increasing revenue and occupancy: Tricks and tips for more visibility and bookings from Airbnb and other platforms
* Geographic areas seeing more demand
* Amenities you should consider or look for when purchasing investments
* General tips on vetting STRs when purchasing
* How to get more 5 star ratings
* Permits, taxes, pain points

July 19 Zoom Call: Property Management

Matt Kelley, property manager at Remax Realty joined our call on July 19 to discuss property management for long term rentals. Watch the replay to learn:
* How to find long term rentals & what to look for
* What to expect from management companies
* Tenants & leases
* Property maintenance
* Your questions

June 21 Zoom Call: Fund Your Deal - Investor Financing

Are you interested in real estate and want to know how to fund it? Which loans are investors using? In this session we talk to Rusty Davis from Fiber Mortgage and Tommy Sullivan from Conquest Funds. We go over how to finance your deal, types of financing, working with lenders, the fix & Flip Loan, DSCR Loans and hard money loans.


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