Moving to Florida? My relocation tips!

Having relocated myself many times I have so many moving tips!  If you are doing a long distance move, it is like a full time job planning the drive and logistics in your destination.   I have relocated so many times! From New Zealand to Los Angeles, from Los Angeles to New York, to New Jersey, over to Napa in California, then to Florida.  I have experienced everything in the moving process at this point.  If you have questions on how to handle it, let me know!  Here are a few tips that will be helpful:

COSTS OF MOVING VS SELLING ITEMS. You may find it is cheaper to buy new when you arrive versus pay for movers to ship certain items (such as beds).  Prices have gone up considerably.  My advice is to purge or sell as much as you can.  When you get your moving estimates compare the items to what they cost to buy new in your destination and you may be surprised!  You can easily sell things (and make money!) by doing a yard sale, selling on Craigslist or Nextdoor.

PACK WELL TO AVOID BREAKAGE. You don’t want to lose a ton of kitchen items like plates, bowls and glassware. There are moving supplies you can buy that will hold glasses and plates specifically to help against breakage.  Don’t skimp on packing materials unless you want to open a lot of boxes with broken items!

BOOK STORAGE EARLY. If you are moving to a smaller space and need a storage unit be sure to call the storage companies early.  Air conditioned storage is scarce and if you are able to get a unit then start renting it even before you arrive as you may miss out if you wait until the last minute.  Another tip is to call the storage company the week before the end of the month to try and secure something.

CONSIDER A RENTAL FIRST. Ok so I’m in real estate and would love to help you buy something to move in to, but also the whole moving thing is stressful, and house hunting can be complicated if you don’t know the areas.  Renting is always an option.  You could sign a minimum lease and take the pressure off your timeline to buy.

DON’T PAY TO BRING WINTER CLOTHES. If you are coming from a cold state like New York, you can get rid of the heavy winter coats and snow boots.  There’s no point to pay to move them as you’ll never need them here in Florida.

PLAN YOUR DRIVE IN ADVANCE. If you have a long distance drive, like West to East, especially with kids or pets you’ll need to plan your stops in advance. I always like to get a map and plan out how far I want to drive and where it makes sense to stop. Moving is like a job, so you want to get up in the morning and plan to be on the road at a decent time. With so many people moving I recommend pre-booking your hotels/airbnbs along the way.  Don’t leave that until the last minute! If you are like me and need a coffee to start the day find out some top rated cafes in the places you are staying so you can at least get on the road with a decent cup of joe.  I also like to take a couple of days just prior to the final destination to recharge.  When you do finally arrive, you’ll be running around unpacking and getting used to the are so a day at a hotel one or two days before you actually arrive is well worth it!

PACK VALUABLES IN THE CAR. Packing the car is usually a work of art.  You will be packed to the gills probably, but you’ll want to prioritize and put things in the car that you definitely don’t want to lose.  Any time you use movers there is always the chance things will get broken or lost.  Stock the car with snacks and water that you can get in arms reach.  Treats for pets is also a good idea is it is hard on them to sit for long periods.  Gas up every morning no matter what the tank says. Be prepared for anything.  Get podcasts downloaded or your favorite music. Enjoy the drive!

About the Author
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