Prepping your short term rental for the holidays

We are gearing up for two major holidays and this is the time to do a few extras to around your rental to make it a fun, safe and festive experience!  Here are my tips:

HOLIDAY NEEDS: Note the guests that are staying during Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Reach out to them about any special requests; i.e: restaurant reservations, grocery stores.  You could offer a grocery provision service.

RESTAURANT LIST: Have your restaurant list readily available with phone numbers so they can call for reservations.

GROCERY LIST: Write list of grocery stores for supplies from gourmet, butchery, bakery and major stores.

FIREPLACE: If you have a fireplace get it checked and cleaned.

CANDLES: Do not have flame burning candles in your rental and ask guests not to bring them.  Use LED candles only.

XMAS TREE: Do not have a live Xmas tree, buy a fake, fire-resistant tree.  The need to water a live tree is one reason for this, however it is also a fire or water damage risk and your insurance company may tell you they don’t want it in there. Some plants often sold at the holidays are also poisonous to pets.  If you accept pets be sure to avoid these plants.

HOLIDAY LIGHTS: I am a big fan of outdoor holiday lights, however make it easy by putting the lights on a timer so you can set and forget.  Timers will have the option of hours or a dusk to dawn setting.

EMERGENCIES: Have your phone number (or emergency number) in a clear place so all guests can find it easily, not just the person that booked.

WELCOME GIFTS: Do not give guests alcohol.  Many accidents happen when alcohol is involved and you don’t want to increase these chances.  I always offer sparkling water and popcorn but you may want to do something extra like a bakery item or cookies for those staying during the holidays.

DECORATIONS: Add a wreath to front door, garlands are a good idea if you have a porch.

KITCHEN: Knives are sharp, ensure small kitchen appliances in working order. Check your fire extinguisher, and make sure it is easy to find and they don’t have to dig for it.

Even if you have a management company, contact them and ensure extra details are taken care of.

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