Sold in less time for more money? The stats don’t lie!

Who wouldn’t want to get 6-13% or more for their home?  How about 40% less days on the market?  According to the St Johns County Board of Realtors;

  • The average home that is staged is on the market for 29 days or less
  • 90% of people make an opinion about your home based on photos before they see the house
  • 85% of buyers cannot look past the décor of your home

If the home is empty, cluttered or outdated, you are completely missing an opportunity to get the most money for your home.

The truth is most buyers cannot imagine what the house with look like with furniture (if empty) or how it could be improved with décor.  While staging a 3-bedroom home may cost around $3,000 or so at closing to be fully staged, most sellers agree that saving this time and also getting more money for their house will more than pay for it, and offset realtor fees.

We all think our homes look great but that is subjective.  Take the emotion out and see it from the buyer’s perspective.  From their side the process is emotional, and quite frankly, buyers do not want to see your home and see a project. 

Most people are not looking for a fixer upper, so unless your home is being marketed as one, and priced accordingly, you may want to consider preparing the house, and staging it if that makes sense.

Here are some tips from the Board of Realtor’s Staging Certification course that I attended yesterday:


  • Trash cans out of sight
  • Lawns trimmed
  • Driveway cracks and stains removed
  • Eliminate kids, dogs toys
  • Check the mailbox, doormat and make sure these things are in good condition
  • Check windows and screens are clear of cobwebs


  • Minimum decorations on walls, clear out clutter
  • Turn lights on and open blinds
  • Ensure flooring is clean and scuffs repaired
  • Remove all pet crates, toys
  • Consider repainting any bright walls, wallpaper or distracting paint colors
  • Dust ceiling fans, ensure all light bulbs work


  • Remove most if not all appliances from the countertop
  • Are all hinges and handles clean?
  • Clean stove, microwave, pantry


  • Put pool toys and cleaning supplies out of sight
  • Paint or repair fences, trim hedges
  • Replace mulch and plant fresh flowers


  • Bed should be ideally across from the door
  • Remove heavy wooden furniture, large TVs
  • Check carpet for stains
  • Thin out closet so it looks bigger by putting some clothes in boxes, out of sight


  • For 65% of buyers, an emotional connection with the master is important
  • Seal the deal!
  • Make beds
  • Keep furniture symmetrical
  • Keep clutter to a bare minimum
  • Remove any exercise equipment


  • Repair / add new caulk
  • Remove toothbrushes and personal items
  • Clean shower glass
  • Add fluffy new towels just for staging purposes


  • Wash floor. Consider getting the floor epoxy sealed
  • Clear out clutter. Consider donating any items you are not using.
  • Store furniture or large items elsewhere to give impression of a larger space


  • This should be clean, organized and tidy
  • Store laundry products out of sight

Questions on prepping your home for sale?  Do you want to know what you could do to get the most money for your home?  Let me provide you with a free staging evaluation. Ask for my Dream Team Contact List of vendors that can help!


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